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Asset Management Services

  • Fund Management

  • ​Portfolio Management

Business Supplies Design

Insurance Consultant Service

  • Life Insurance

  • Target Saving Plan

  • Annuities

  • Critical Illness Benefit

  • Medical Insurance

  • Investment-linked Insurance Plan

Market Analysis

​MPF Advisory Services

  • ​MPF Advisory Services

Our Advantages

Globalization concept

Historic and Solid Experience

Since its establishment in 2001, Realchamp Asset Management Limited has been accumulating solid experience in wealth management for over a decade, and has been committed to providing customers with excellent, high-quality and reliable wealth management services.


Customize and Target Oriented

Realchamp is committed to providing clients with discretionary investment portfolio management services. We are good at listening to the needs of clients. We can use our professional knowledge to help clients build their own investment portfolios, so as to achieve their goals with the lowest risk.

Market Analysis

Rich and Innovative Products

Realchamp is one of the oldest wealth management companies in Hong Kong, that has been establishing a good cooperative relationship with many international insurance companies and fund companies. With the solid experience in wealth management in Hong Kong market, Realchamp can fulfill the clients’ needs. In addition to providing traditional wealth management products, we also develop different investment products customized for different markets and clients.

Credit Assessment

Carry through to the End

Realchamp regards every client as a friend and partner. In addition to providing a variety of high-quality products, we continue to provide professional and personal wealth management services, and establish long-term friendly relations with clients, with our professional knowledge and experience, help clients achieve different goals at different stages of life. We sincerely work with clients, grow together, seek better return on investment, and live a prosperous life.

Gear System Shadow

Professional Team

The core members of Realchamp are all financial elites, including senior fund managers, certified financial planners and certified public accountants. Our financial advisors are strictly selected, and have professional qualifications and rich wealth management experience, strictly uphold professional ethics, and provide clients with professional and high-quality wealth management services.

Our Vision

Plan Ahead • Get More

Investment is different from speculation. It requires long-term persistence to see results. It will not make people rich overnight, but it is an important tool for the stable accumulation of wealth. Therefore, investors must have a clear understanding of the risks and returns of investment, make investment decisions prudently, and establish a correct financial management concept in order to obtain long-term and stable returns.

Investment requires proper management. In market fluctuations, one should neither rush ahead nor hesitate. In many cases, the opinions of professionals can help investors make wise investment decisions. A poorly managed portfolio and one that can move with the market can often produce very different returns. This is the direction of our efforts. We hope that through our professional and experienced team, every client's investment portfolio can achieve an ideal return.

For the same key, it can open and lock. The handover of a key represents trust and inheritance. Realchamp chooses the key as the logo, hoping to be a key in the hands of clients, while helping clients lock in wealth, opening the door to wealth for clients, with asset preservation as the foundation, value-added as the goal, to provide customers with long-term and stable professional financial services. With our help, clients can also realize wealth inheritance and hand over wealth to those who they care the most.

Key to Financial Freedom

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